Welcome to the Pro Audio Parts Webstore.
The web shop for sales of spare parts for various Pro-Audio brands.

We sell Potentiometers, Potentiometer knobs, Faders, Fader fluid, Fader buttons, Switches, LEDs, Loudspeakers, Loudspeaker recones, Loudspeaker membranes, PCB modules, Semiconductors, etc.

IMPORTANT Read the text below.

Please note that most items we supply are technical spare parts and are only supplied to you on the basis that you have the knowledge and means to apply them without harming yourself or others, or damaging the equipment to be repaired.
PCBs ( Printed Circuit Boards) are often part of a larger whole where not infrequently high voltages and large currents are present. That is why we do not refund defective PCBs , semiconductors or other vulnerable parts in case of defects.
We do not take back used parts that have been ordered wrongly.
The PCBs that we offer are new and tested ex-factory. Power supplies are additionally tested by us before shipment.

We also supply used PCBs, which have been tested beforehand by our Technical Services department or are sold AS IS for spare parts.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge, have the repair carried out by a qualified technician.
Working on circuits with high currents and voltages found in amplifiers in particular can cause injury or even death. We accept no liability whatsoever.

By placing an order on this website it is assumed that you have read and agree to this text.

Currently the website is "Under construction" .

Every day products are added and errors are corrected, wrong prices are adjusted, etc.

It is possible to search by part code, but also by brand and type of device.

Many parts are Rare or Obsolete, for those parts applies "As long as stock lasts".

Various parts are used in several brands such as potentiometers, faders and fader knobs.
The pictures shown here represent the exact part you ordered.
Often parts look the same but there are almost always minor differences in dimensions and diameters of the legs for example.

These part numbers correspond to the part numbers on the parts list that accompanies your product.

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We can supply Pro Audio Parts for AKG, BSS, Crown, D&R, Dateq, DBX, JBL, Klark Teknik, Lexicon, Midas, Soundcraft, UREI, etcetera.

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